• Exfoliating Clay Mask (f/k/a White Petal Aloe)


    About the Mask: We mix infused herbs and two types of clay to give you a natural mask that leaves your face smooth and supple. That means your face won't feel so tight and dry afterwards like other masks. But don't let this fool you; all the benefits of a mask are still present, just without the harshness.

    Ingredients: Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Rose Petals, Almond Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Koalin White Clay, Rose Clay (Pink Koalin), Aloe Vera Powder, Vitamin E, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil, Rosemary Oil Extract.

    About the ingredients:

    • CHAMOMILE: Soothes redness and irritation, eliminates itchiness, helps with rashes and has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • CALENDULA:  A cleansing and detoxifying herb good for inflamed or angry skin.
    • LAVENDER: Provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also renowned in aromatherapy for it's relaxing and calming scent.
    • ROSE PETALS: Full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties with high amounts of the antioxidant vitamin C. A natural moisturizer whose oils lock in moisture and keep skin smooth.
    • ALMOND OIL: Its anti-oxidative properties protect skin from UV radiation damage and has been known to improve complexion and skin tone. It's high oliec acid content (61%) means it is rich and heavy making it very effective at preventing water loss/sealing in moisture. 
    • APRICOT SEED OIL: A great emollient with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic properties. Absorbs easily and doesn't feel oily when applied.
    • GRAPESEED OIL: Has an oliec acid content of 15 - 20% which explains the moisturizing action on the skin as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
    • KAOLIN WHITE CLAY: Renews and re-mineralizes skin while drawing out toxins and impurities.
    • ROSE CLAY (PINK KOALIN): A mix of both white and red kaolin clay rich in aluminum oxide and the ability to absorb toxins from clogged skin while maintaining the skin's moisture content because it does not draw oil away from the skin.
    • ALOE VERA POWDER: In addition to being both soothing and moisturizing, it’s also antibacterial and it stimulates the growth of new cells with the hormone Giberellin. Polyphenols in aloe vera help inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause infections and inflammation.
    • VITAMIN E: Known for reducing skin damage caused by UV rays and pollution by increasing the vitamin E amounts in skin cell membranes and in the lipid matrix of the lower levels of skin. Provides protection for the cells that make collagen, the protein that keeps firm and supple, and elastin, the protein that affects skin structure and permits it to resume shape. Vitamin E also helps to hydrate skin which can make fine lines less noticeable.
    • SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: Natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that has high levels of the antioxidant vitamin C that helps protect and heal skin.
    • ROSEWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL: In aromatherapy, this oil is uplifting and can reduce fatigue.  It has antibacterial properties due to its high alpha-pinene content and is chemical makeup of  geraniol, nerol, 8-cineole, linalool, and limonene are useful for tissue regeneration.
    • ROSEMARY OIL EXTRACT: The oil helps stimulate cell renewal with healthy collagen, fights off free radicals that damage skin, improves skin circulation, and infuses the skin with moisture.

    Why the Mud Mask is Dry: Since our products only contain natural ingredients, they don't have any chemical preservatives. Adding water to form a paste would introduce bacteria into the mud mask and severely limit the shelf life and usability.

    Skin Type: Sensitive skin.

    Directions: Place small amount into hand; add water, form a paste & apply to face. Wait 5 -10 minutes. Rinse. For best results, use White Petal Aloe Toner afterwards. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

    Our Packaging: Packaged in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) containers which are easily identifiable by their #1 recycling codes. PET does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). PET is lightweight, strong, safe, shatterproof, and is the most widely recycled plastic since it can be recycled multiple times and turned into a variety of different products/containers.

    Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.